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About The Louisiana Adoption Advisory Board

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LAAB board members assemble at our 2021 December meeting and holiday gathering.  From left are Linda Woods, Karen Babin, Della Pressler, Cathy Stanley,  Linda Easterlin, Jeanette Livingston, and Barbara Barach.  

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The mission of the Louisiana Adoption Advisory Board, Inc. (LAAB) is to bring various members of the adoption community together to share different perspectives, seek common understanding and promote initiatives that pertain to adoption.


The board was formed in April 1992 by a federal grant for post-adoption services and holds 501 C 3 status.  it is composed of members of the adoption triad and persons personally impacted by adoption, who volunteer their time and services.


​As a pioneering state adoption board, LAAB provides unique services to Louisianians and serves as a model to other state boards.   


​LAAB sponsors conferences for adoption professionals working in public and private sectors. We observe Adoption Awareness Month each November with an educational event.  


​LAAB has produced adoption educational tools to be used in classrooms and provided scholarships for those in the adoption community seeking educational advancement. We offer information through our website and through books supplied to the state library system.


​LAAB members have been invited to present at national conferences.

As a non-profit organization, LAAB depends on the generosity of state and local community leaders, and business and industry, to support its initiatives.  Join us in our mission by signing up for our mailing list or making a financial gift to support our work. 


To donate, make checks payable to LAAB and mail to:




P O Box 2332

Baton Rouge, LA 70821

LAAB's Goals 


.  To promote and enhance common understanding among all members of the adoption community.


.  To promote and develop research, recommendations, or legislation pertaining to adoption.


​.  To provide networking and educational opportunities with the adoption community.

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