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Resources For Adoptees


Starting Point: Tips, Resources For Search And Reunion

Sign up with the state Voluntary Adoption Registry



As a rule, adoptees searching for their biological family or biological families searching for an adoptee, it’s best to start with

the adoption agency that handled the adoption. 


The agency can send non-identifying information, provided by the birthmother at the time of the birth, upon request.  They may also provide non-identifying information about the adopted family if the biological mother is searching.  If the agency is no longer in operation and custodian of the records, you will have to request the information from the Louisiana Department of Children’s Services'  Louisiana Voluntary Adoption Registry.

There is no need to spend precious time and money if someone is searching for you and has registered.  You will be advised in writing by the state whether or not there is a match.  


The next step would be to contact a support group for the agency from which you were adopted.  These support groups are not affiliated with the agencies.   Louisiana has several successful Facebook support pages for adoptees and biological families to join and get assistance with their search.

It is recommended that DNA testing be done with at least one of the major DNA sites.  Cost of doing this varies, but the cost has been reduced considerably in the last few years.   Once DNA is completed and the results are in, there are other ways to match your DNA with others without having to spend more money.  Uploading your DNA to Ged match from a DNA site that permits doing so, will allow your DNA to be matched with those who uploads from a different DNA testing than yours. For instance, you tested with Ancestry and maybe a half sibling tested with 23andme.  If affordable, I recommend testing all three major sites.  

Post on Facebook often.   Post baby pictures and information you have acquired.  I never recommend posting a biological mother’s name unless you are at a dead end.  Always remember there are two parties involved.  Your adopted family and your biological mother’s family.  It maybe that your birthmother has not told her family.  Contact should come from you to her.


All of the above that I recommend are strictly my recommendations which I have used for searching tools.  There are many more, but these are the starting steps to take.

--By Brenda Frisard


Search and Reunion Groups on Facebook

VOA Louisiana Adoption Search and Reunion

Adoption Search Louisiana

Adoption Forum

Louisiana Birthmother and Adoptees

Adoptees Louisiana

Search Angel Network

Methodist Home Hospital New Orleans Reunions

Louisiana Adoption Support Alliance

Note that not all sites will take your case and try to locate for you.

They are support groups.  You have to be pro-active in your search.  

DNA Detective will assist you and you will be allowed to post your 

findings. They will help you to understand your results if you need help.



Contact Louisiana Adoption Voluntary Registry by mail, phone

PO Box 3318

Baton Rouge, LA 70821



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